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About us

Rescat is a registered cat rescue charity in the Kingdom of Bahrain founded in October 2019  as a project of the Cat Society of Bahrain and Pet Animals (CR 137/G/T.A.KH). Its main goals are to facilitate the Rehab & Rehoming of abandoned and abused cats, to boost cat welfare in the Kingdom through Education & Awareness,  and to help control the stray population with TrapSterilizeReturn and Monitor (TSRM) projects.

Rescat is fully funded by donations and fundraising. It is also a foster based rescue which means it does not have an animal shelter. Although based in Bahrain, Rescat is international at heart, from its Board members to its network of supporters, adopters and volunteers. In its first year of operation, Rescat rehabilitated and rehomed over 300 cats, 80% of which found their their forever homes abroad.

How does Rescat work?

From Street to Foster to Adopter

Rehab & Rehome

Rescat takes in unwanted cats who need physical, emotional or behaviourial rehabilitation and find them suitable families once they are ready.

Education & Awareness

Rescat advocates for cat sterilization, the humane treatment of strays, responsible pet ownership and campaigns against back yard breeding and animal fights.


Rescat aids in the control of the ever-increasing population of stray cats through TrapSterilizeReturn and  Monitor programs in private residential compounds.

Our efforts are focused at minimizing the time that a cat spends as a “rescue” and guaranteeing a lifelong adoption

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