Becoming a foster

Fostering is a vital part of the rescue process. For a rescue to be successful, rescuers and fosters need to be team players. On average, cats are fostered for one to three months unless they get sick or need rehabilitation. Rescat relies on foster families to socialize the cats, keep them healthy and provide photos, videos and personality reports. Fosters normally cover the costs of cat food and litter whilst the rescuer sponsors any veterinary and extraordinary expenses.  Rescat guarantees to addhere to the fostering timeline and takes full responsability for the cat’s rehoming.

If you would like to join our foster team, reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know about you and your availability. We will contact you to schedule an interview to match you with a cat and explain in detail how everything works. If you are decided to go ahead, send us a video of your home, sign the fostering agreement, get any supplies you may need, cat-proof your home and prepare your family.

Fosters need to be communicative, responsible and committed while being empathic, patient and attentive to the cats

What is expected of a foster?

  • Keep the cat healthy, loved and safe whilst under your temporary care.
  • Provide basic supplies such as good food, water and litter.
  • Give truthful and regular updates about the cat and respond promptly to communication from Rescat.
  • Facilitate good quality information and media of the cat regularly and to welcome potential adopters to their homes to meet the cat upon previous agreement.
  • Not to expose the cat to other animals, take them outside of their home, keep them in cages or leave them under other people’s care without previous agreement with Rescat.
  • Give Rescat at least three days’ notice in the event of not being able to complete the agreed fostering period.