Becoming an adopter

Overseas and local adopters are subject to same adoption procedures. Adopters are asked to keep an open line of communication throughout the adoption process and encouraged to keep in touch afterwards. All our rescues are vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized, microchipped and tested for FIV/FELV prior to adoption.

The adoption process is straight forward. Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook. Let us know about yourself and send us a video of your home. We will contact you to schedule an interview to discuss the adoption in detail. If you are keen on moving forward, we will connect you with the rescuer or foster parent so you can get first hand information about the cat and regular updates. When you are ready to comit, sign the adoption agreement and get ready for the arrival of the cat. Buy/collect any supplies you may need, cat-proof your home and prepare your family. Finally, pay the adoption fee upon collection of your cat.

What do we need to know about you?

In order to ensure a successful match, we need to know as much about you as possible. You can start by telling us why do you want to adopt a cat, what is your livelihood, age and nationality, where do you live and with who, what is your lifestyle like (including travelling plans/habits), if you have other pets or had any in the past, and whether you can commit to keeping the pet indoors.

Adoption Fee

Local adoptions: 50BD

International adoptions: 250-400 euros/pounds

We dream of adopters who see their cats as their own children and would never leave them behind

Looking for homes