Education & Awareness

Cats are often regarded as self-sufficient pets. They are believed to need less from their owners and to look after themselves. Similarly, stray and feral cats tend to get overlooked by policy makers and left without rights.

On the contrary, however, cats are extremely sensitive creatures and are highly dependent on their care givers. They need to be vaccinated, microchipped, de-parasitized and sterilized same as dogs, and they all come with their own personalities and needs. Likewise, most cats are also not prepared to survive in the streets, specially in highly urbanized spaces or under extreme climat conditions. Unregulated stray and feral populations in Bahrain are constantly exposed to abuse and disease. More often than not, they suffer painful deaths and live short lives.

Rescat strives to educate new and seasoned cat owners on the needs of their pets and help them with behavior problems and relocation. Rescat also collaborates with schools to educate children on cat welfare and encourage their participation in animal rescue. If you would like to register your school for one of our outreach programs or help us spread the message, please get in touch!